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The Debate Over Trump’s Plan to Deport Millions of Undocumented Immigrants


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The proposals of Trump’s program, in which he plans to deport nearly 20 million people, range from the detailed to the difficult. These render his plan complex and repeatable. The concept, which the late Donald Trump had proposed, entails a multi-dimensional approach. It incorporates increased border security as well as immigration enforcement. In addition, millions of people who had been in the United States illegally before were to be deported.

Enhanced Border Security

There are two main elements of Trump’s security plan. They are physically securing the border and mathematically, securing the border through a significant increase. This is indicated by his proposed wall project along the US-Mexico border. The construction of which he has campaigned vehemently for. The wall, however basic, is intended to ward off Illegal immigration and dissuade illegal migrants from attempting to breach the border. Altogether, Speaker Trump proposes to strengthen the border patrol by hiring more border patrol officers and introducing the newest technologies like drones and surveillance cameras to guard the border too.

Increased Immigration Enforcement

The second part of Trump’s plan would be to tighten the immigration system by reinforcing the enforcement system inside the US. This will require supplementing the local presence of the immigration enforcement agents. Who are usually situated in areas where smuggling is most prominent. These agencies will have the task of detecting and arresting citizens who are neither documented nor legal.

Deportation of Illegal Migrants

The ‘Trump’s Plan’ involves detaining or deporting 13 million suspected illegal migrants living in the US. This will come with a massive in the field of immigration. Where authorities will be looking for these individuals who previously had no legal status in the nation. We will put in place a straightforward deportation process by erecting detention centers and depending on deportation flights to ferry migrants back home to their countries.

Challenges and Controversies

The scheme of Mr. Trump to remove 20 million illegitimate migrants has thus given rise to numerous controversies and difficulties. The one question of this all, maybe how logistically possible will be to implement such a magnanimous undertaking. Critics, on the other hand, contend that the US fails to control the current overloaded immigration system and lacks the resources to deport such a huge number of people.

One more challenge facing the U.S. Immigration law is the legal framework regarding immigration in the United States. The United States Supreme Court in its jurisdiction has ruled that the government cannot deport people. Who has been staying in the country for a long time without giving due process to them? Therefore, it is unlawful. This implies that the state will have to establish well-structured procedures for deportation which will often take a very long time.

Impact on the Economy and Society

In addition to deciding on the effect of Trump’s policy on the US economy. It is also a matter of, whether it has anything to do with society. Others think that the departure of illegal immigrants from the country will only stimulate the economy that way it will reduce the pressure on public resources and it would liberate more jobs for the country’s citizens. The prosecution of illegal immigrants, in turn, will negatively affect the economy. Also terrible consequences for many industries that need migrant workers by drastically reducing the amount of income tax.

The social influence of Trump’s program could be quite a lot providing for the society. The deportation of the illegal migrants would break and make apart the families and further create messy conditions in the community. It might not only bring additional animosity among different races and ethnic groups but also diverse political ideas.

What is the public opinion on Trump’s deportation plan?

Public opinion on Trump’s deportation plan is mixed:

  • Polling data has revealed that a substantial portion of Americans hold a view in favor of implementing border security measures. Which include introspecting the use of troops and mass relocation of illegal immigrants. This policy is followed by 53-56% of Americans, who support it. While still 31-43% of Americans don’t support it.
  • Interestingly, some writers believe that the tougher immigration regulation adopted under Trump, including deportations, is generally backed by the American population. On the one hand, public attitude is quite an ill-defined and reflective issue.
  • Such a de-naturing data of 11 million families is considered improbable and complicated in implementation as well as in court laws. Questions about deporting all illegal immigrants in such huge numbers cause doubt as well as concern about the social consequences of the operation.
  • Trump plans to go after some 15 to 20 million undocumented immigrants. He aims to use military and law enforcement elements for his operation. On the contrary, the estimation is problematic with each source saying a different number. Probably less than what Trump is telling the public.
  • Some reactions describe Mr. Trump to be ahead of the administration who is ready to carry out a mass deportation of unprecedented scale and bypass the existing legal guardrails. The American immigration experts believe that any attempts to describe immigrants. Threats to the rights of both undocumented immigrants and United States citizens can be regarded as dangerous.
  • In a nutshell, many members of the community believe that stricter immigration enforcement, a key component of Trump’s plan, should be implemented. However, this plan is not very feasible as it faces a series of logistical, legal, and moral issues about the deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants.


In conclusion, it might be said that with over 20 million illegal migrants Trump’s decision to deport them from the US is a complex issue. It has a ruinous effect on the economy, society, and politics of the country. Overall, the plan has been criticized for the logistical and legal obstacles that it confronts. But behind those concerns lies a deeper issue worrying many Americans illegal immigration. Ultimately, the fate of the program would rely on how well the United States government will maneuver the challenges and find all-inclusive measures that would suit the human aspect of the immigration problem.


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