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Comprehend the Stages of Money Laundering to Mitigate Monetary Fraud


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Money laundering has impacted the world by altering the global economy and security measures. It has posed significant challenges to financial institutions because of the increased monetary scams due to illegal transactions. It has affected the leading industries directly dealing with the finance sectors, and today’s growing market is directly related to them. In this chaotic scam, anti-money laundering (AML) provides the best solutions for preventing institutions from huge money thefts and illegal digital or manual transactions. Its defense mechanism is a perfect framework for relevant authorities to detect, protect, and confront illegal financial activities. The working mechanisms of AML measures are due diligence, transaction monitoring, reporting, and enforcement regulations. These all work coherently to provide the best safeguarding environment and promote transparent transactions. 

Comparative Analysis: Money Laundering and Terrorism Risk Index in Mexico (2015-2023)

In 2023, Mexico’s risk index for money laundering and terrorist financing was 5.21, a small increase from the 5.2 reported in the previous year. Back in 2017, the risk index for Mexico was at its highest, reaching 5.75 index points. This index measures how likely it is for illegal money activities like money laundering or funding terrorism to happen in Mexico.

An In-Depth Guide to Money Laundering Stages for Identifying Scams

Money laundering typically involves three stages for combating monetary losses. 


Stages of money laundering include placement., introducing illegal money into the financial system which is obtained from unauthentic sources. It is considered the most susceptible for imposters as, in this stage, they try to find ways to deposit vast amounts of money without getting caught by relevant authorities. 

There are some of the most used ways for placement, which are:

  • Lodging cash in smaller figures to avoid any type of hustle. This step is also known as the “structuring”.
  • Buying monetary instruments such as illegal checks and money orders.
  • Taking illegal money and hiding it by putting it into businesses that deal with hefty cash.

Imposters submit such illegal funds into the financial systems. After completing it they hide their origins and place the money in other sources.

Layering in Money Laundering

It is the second stage of money laundering in which fraudsters do multiple transactions from the account to create ambiguity and displace funds from the actual source of origin. Money laundering layering involves these prominent steps:

  • Move money between different bank accounts in different places.
  • Use companies with no real business (shell companies).
  • Use digital currencies that are hard to trace.

The main purpose of layering is to do complex transactions so they cannot be caught by law enforcement departments, and the original source will not be traced by them. After successfully executing the layering stage, money launderers reinfuse the illicit cash into a regulated economy.


As the name suggests, the money launderers integrate the illegal money into an authentic financial system after making layers of transactions. This is done by investing in different businesses of real estate, luxury apartments, and heavy assets. This stage helps in proving the illegal funds are authentic and makes it impossible for law enforcement departments to trace the sources. 

After successful incorporation, fraudsters utilize their illicit money for further scamming activities to improve their living standards with reduced risk of identification. This stage underlines the significance of AML compliance and encourages users to do money laundering. 

AML Solutions for Mitigating Money Laundering

AML provides robust solutions for combating monetary crimes in this digital era. The presence of AML agents in the organizations ensures the reduced chances of money laundering fraud because they help mitigate the risks of transactions with politically exposed persons (PEP). Money launderers always target financial institutions, so following AML practices, they identify potential suspects. There are the following recommendations that make this program effective: 

  • Detailed Reporting Mechanism 

After detecting the unusual transactions and money laundering happenings, the staff should know where to deliver the relevant credentials to the officials. 

  • Customer Risk Assessment

Before processing the onboarding procedure, the system should always look out for verifying the user credentials. And all the AML protocols should always align with KYC regulations to ensure the best security and reliability measures. 

Final Verdict

Understanding the stages of money laundering is crucial for effectively mitigating monetary fraud and maintaining the integrity of financial systems. By comprehending how illicit funds are placed, layered, and integrated into the economy, institutions can implement robust anti-money laundering (AML) measures to detect, prevent, and report suspicious activities. This knowledge empowers financial institutions and law enforcement agencies to collaborate and implement compliance regulations. Through collective efforts and a strong commitment to AML practices, we can significantly reduce the risks posed by money laundering and protect the financial well-being of users and businesses.


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