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Bob Menendez wife was reported missing to cops by her other lover during a secret trip with the senator in 2024


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Bob Menendez

When Senator Bob Menendez was indicted, he first started dating his current wife, she disappeared for a week – and was reported as a missing person by police because her second lover feared for her safety.

Bob Menendez wife was reported missing to cops by her other lover during a secret trip with the senator in 2024

The Post has learned that Nadine Arslanian left the lights on and TVs blaring at her Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, home without her children knowing where she was.

She then secretly flew for a week-long assignation with Menendez, the New Jersey Democratic senator, to the Dominican Republic in the spring of 2018.

Arslanian, 57, and Menendez, 70, married in 2020 and are now indicted for selling their office to New Jersey businessmen for cash, and gold bars. and a car, and conspiring to act as secret agents of the Egyptian and Qatari governments.

Both of them strongly deny the accusations. Menendez will go on trial in Manhattan federal court on May 13, and Arslanian will have a separate trial in July.

In the spring of 2018, Arslanian was reunited with the senator and is still in an on-again, off-again relationship with attorney Douglas Anton.

Anton told The Post that she had dropped by his Hackensack, NJ, law office while he was assembling furniture on Thursday and the two had agreed to meet later that evening at her Englewood Cliffs home.

“I texted him, but instead of blue, the text turned green,” said Anton, a former lawyer for notorious musician R.K. Kelly, adding that Bob Menendez grew increasingly alarmed when he arrived at her home and saw a note affixed to her front door.

Come back on Monday. Love you,” Knott said. The note was typed, which Anthon said he found “weird”.

But when she didn’t return on Monday, he became worried, Bob Menendez told The Post, adding that he called his sister, his grown children, and friends “who didn’t even know where she was.”, she left and was very worried.” Her sister insisted he call the police, Anton said.

“He didn’t like doing it, and days went by, so I went to the cops,” Bob Menendez said.

Police found the lights on as well as televisions blaring in the living room and a bedroom, according to northJersey.com, citing records obtained from the Englewood Cliffs Police Department.

“That’s when he [Menendez] first found out we were still ‘seeing’ each other on and off during the week when he was in DC. 

Menendez was charged with corruption in 2015 with a Palm Beach eye doctor. His trial resulted in a hung jury, and Bob Menendez and Melgen were acquitted of some of the bribery charges.

When Arslanian was on the plane she called the police to say she was safe and asked them to send Anton a message to stay away from her, according to northjersey.com.

“I asked her ‘Why did you do that?’” said Anton. “It was more about Bob wanting to be incognito.”

A third man, Jose Uribe, pleaded guilty and is cooperating with prosecutors.

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